Zakiz Brand Story

Zakiz represents the ultimate expression of style, freedom and comfort fashioned in handcrafted leather fashion products for men and woman. Using highly skilled craftsman with decades of artisanal experience, the finest leather and materials, we produce fine garments which represents a timeless and iconic statement of style.

Zakiz embodies a spirit of timeless style, a statement of fashion with attention to every detail. It represents uncompromised quality whilst still remaining accessible to anyone wanting a leather fashion garment which will last for life.

We are passionate about creating leather garments that are simple, classic and pure so that they may stand the test of time and become your second skin. Garments you will simply want to wear over and over again.

We’re proud of our philosophy “For Life” because we feel a Zakiz garment is an extension of your persona, and everything you would expect from something valuable to you. We aim to create just that…something of great value for your Life, for every occasion and to last you a lifetime. A material possession you can be proud of, and wear with comfort and confidence to compliment your personality – and communicate your sense of stylistic comfort. We want our customers to be comfortable in their own skin, and crafting fashions which are comfortable, stylish and yet timeless adds that confidence.

We are committed to producing not only the finest quality leather garments, but also garments which fit perfectly, because a well fitted leather garment go a long way to remaining a staple fashion item in your wardrobe forever.

There is no air of pretentiousness, no sense of superficiality – We are simply and truly committed to producing the best and most beautiful leather garments without claims of luxury, because anything which is crafted as a labour of Love and with a genuine passion is beautiful and luxurious inherently.

We are Zakiz London – a brand you can trust to create your leather fashions for Life.